Hero Motors

Hero Motors Group is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. All the units are located at strategic locations for the unique advantages that each place offers. A workforce of dedicated professionals is efficiently operating and managing the facilities and leading the organisation towards the pinnacle of achievements.

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Paint Shop

Our expertise is gained by decades of experience in this field. The paint shop consists of powder and liquid coating facilities for Automotive and Consumer Durable products with different shapes and sizes.

The Powder Coating Shop has spray pretreatment facilities with 10 tank chemical coating process with an approximate capacity of 5 lakhs Sq DM per day. The Liquid Painting Process has a conveyor speed of 3 mtrs/minute, with a capacity of 3 lakhs parts per month.

Hero Motors has two powder coating plants with auto reciprocating system with surface coating capacity of approximately 3.5 lakh Sq DM per day @ conveyor speed of 2 mtrs /minute.

In the paint shop, we use the spray pretreatment process with 10 tank chemical coating process, at an approximate capacity of  5 lakh Sq DM per day.

Our state of art ABS parts painting process comes with a  conveyor speed of 3 mtrs/min and a capacity of 3 lakh parts per month.

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